Beersheba Turn the Tide Light Horse Limited Edition Figurine with LED 3D Crystal


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This limited-edition cold cast bronze figurine remembers the charge of 4th Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba on 31 October 1917.

Eight hundred men of the 4th and 12th Light Horse Regiments charged as a cavalry across open desert with bayonets in hand. Turkish defenders had no time to adjust rifle sights and fire went over the heads of the charging horsemen. Within minutes horses were leaping trenches. Such was the speed of the attack Turkish demolition teams were unable to destroy the town’s wells and other key buildings before they were overwhelmed.

The charge of the 4th Light Horse delivered Beersheba and opened the door for the capture of Jerusalem in December 1917.

The master sculpture captures that moment perfectly as man and horse leap over the trench in mid-air. The figurine is beautifully enriched with a crystal magically internally engraved in three dimensions with the 1904 Rising Sun badge, proudly worn by our soldiers in the Great War.

The crystal and sculpture, backlit with tiny invisible LED lights adding the fourth dimension to this one-of-a-kind artwork.

Limited Edition

Only 5,000 figurines to be released.


  • Overall: 350mm wide x 330mm high x 130mm deep.
  • Horse & Rider: 350mm wide x 273mm high x 110mm deep.
  • Crystal: 120mm wide x 200mm high x 20mm deep.

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